How To Lead A Good Life?

February 25, 2018 , 0 Comments

Early morning today, while on morning walk, a significant thought stroke my mind - why don't I think like others do. Why do I think different when it comes to do any tasks and what motivates me to do anything my way. After a lot of introspection I could find the answer which may or may not be right in all context.
 But yes, it makes me feel happy eternally & motivate others to do their best. "  +Pankaj Sharma 
 I always have a mindset of impacting people's life by inducting few good things which I have learned and inculcated in myself. I want people around me to try those proven/ traditional or may be non-traditional ideas of life and do your best. I feel happy if I am able to make small but significant changes in somebody's life even for a while and that results into good. 
And that's the objective of my life.
 Sometimes I get deviated from what originally I am and start imitating others ,some good guys (they think that they are great) around me who produce short term effects and bring good results, play diplomacy, always work for their means,always afraid about the impact on them, thinks of getting respect in each of their action etc and many other things which appears lucrative and impactful in short run. I must tell you that I got frustrated after few days of practicing those methods. I never got satisfaction while going to bed in night when I asked myself "what significant I did today" and I didn't have any answer. I always felt bad and less passionate when I started caring about respect. Earlier when I worked and just worked to deliver the best and did not care about respect and name, it came to me automatically. And when today I started caring about it, I can feel that the performance is not in accordance with the potential I have. I could do better than this but didn't because the motivation behind it was changed. Why should I be afraid about the impact on me if I am not doing anything wrong for society or the institution I live in.
 I don't say that those folks are wrong but its very hard to live other's life. So why not to live the way you find is right. It gives you internal happiness and that is the essence of life. You may think that their methodology and philosophy are better but you can't learn them if you are not convinced. Simply to get the short term benefit what they are getting, you should not change your ideology. What would happen the worst you could think, they will be more successful than you, earn more money, be more impactful, etc and you won't. But at any point of time you won't have regret that you didn't do what you wanted to do. You lived the way you wanted to live and you at happy with what you have and what you are. That feeling will superimpose on the materialistic gains which they possess. "Be original what you are.

A lion dies but he never eats grass to maintain his identity." 

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