Hacking Twitter – How to gain 1000’s of followers in a few weeks

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This post is purely intended to educational purposes to growth hack on twitter. This does not violate the rules of twitter and don't encourage you to use it to break the rules. Always remember that ENGAGEMENT is the key to grow your subscriber base and make most out of it. As always, we recommend that you use such methods with a social responsibility and avoid spamming activities.

Growing Your Twitter Following using Automation

I love automation. Every work that needs to be done more than 10 times a day, 20 times a week or 50 times a month, need an automation to save time and stay productive. Technology is an ENABLER and We must use it responsibly to stay productive.

Technology is an ENABLER, use it as a tool : Recommended

Undoubtedly, Twitter is a potential goldmine of connecting with your prospects for business, yet connecting with them is a slow process. If you know your target segment of users, and their mutual interest, you can easily expand your network on twitter by finding and following them. Provided that your services are relevant and/or you share the common interest, chances are high that those you follow will follow you back and your twitter following will grow. This is a repetitive process and it takes time. So, here comes the automation with a warning to use it responsibly. Over the years, many ways are devised to automate this process of following like minded people on twitter. Here is a way that will help you tame this gigantic task if you intend to build a huge following list on twitter. These methods allow you to quickly follow other Twitter users by automating the process of clicking the “Follow” button next to each user.

JavaScript Automation on Twitter

How to grow your Twitter followers in a few weeks - Hacking Twitter

This simple JavaScript Automation, that I learnt from one my technical team member, can help you quickly follow and unfollow 100s of users on twitter. To set up the script
  1. Open a new bookmark in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar .
  2. Label this new bookmark something like  “FollowUnfollowScript”. 
  3. Having done this, paste in the following script in the URL section of the new bookmark:
javascript:(function(){window.scrollTo(0,$(".ProfileAvatar-image").offset().top);$(".GridTimeline").on("dataGotMoreTimelineItems",function(){for(var b=$(".GridTimeline .js-follow-btn:not(.cancel-hover-style)"),c=parseInt(1E3*Math.random()),a=0;a<b.length;a++)setTimeout(function(a){$(a).find(".following-text").is(":visible")||$(a).click();setTimeout(function(a){$(a).closest(".Grid-cell").remove()},10,a)},1200*a+c,b[a]),a==b.length-1&&setTimeout(function(){$(".has-more-items").is(":visible")&&$(window).trigger("uiNearTheBottom")},1200*a+c)});$(".has-more-items").is(":visible")&&$(window).trigger("uiNearTheBottom");}).call(this); Hit save and the bookmark should now appear in your bookmarks toolbar:

How to grow your Twitter followers in a few weeks - Hacking Twitter

To use the script, simply open a list of Twitter users that you wish to follow, click the FollowUnfollowScript and watch as the script automatically adds followers to your account. Make sure that you are at the followers/following tab or members tab in the list. It is also possible to unfollow users with this script, simply open the list of users that you are currently following and click the bookmark; this time, the bookmark will simulate the clicking of each unfollow button. An effective approach might be to follow 1000 people a day and unfollow non-followers every couple of days, so that your non-follower levels stay at around 1000. It is also advisable to stagger your following and unfollowing sessions, in order to allow users time to choose whether or not to follow you back. You will find that if you are regularly following 1000 people a day, you should accrue 1000 non-followers in the space of a couple of days, depending on how popular you are. This way it can help you grow your business and persona.


Twitter isn’t a fan of automation, but since the scripts simply simulate clicks in the browser it isn’t easily detectable. So be careful, as we can’t be held responsible if you take this too far and the twit hits the fan! Warning: Your account may get banned forever if you overdo it. If you know other hacks to make things easier, please share in the comment box below. Note: I hate spamming. So please make sure that you share the relevant information <not the blaster links>.

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